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How to refill a cartomizer


     There are many methods to refill your Cartomizers.  Here are the two most popular options. 


1.      The “Push” method. 


Probably the easiest method developed so far the push method involves using one of the rubber end caps from your Cartomizer to force liquid through the hole in the bottom of the Cartomizer up into the filler material. 


Take the end cap (the one without the plug in the bottom of it) and set it flat on a table.  Fill the cap about 2/3 full (20-22 drops) then insert the Cartomizer (battery connector side down) into the cap and push down slowly.  Go slow and watch the top or the liquid will simply overflow.  This method works best if you are using PG based E-Liquid as it is thin enough to soak into the filler material quickly.   When finished pull off the cap and clean the connector with a paper towel and you are ready to vape again with a full Cartomizer. 

This works best on the KR808D-1 cartomizer however this method also works on the longer VGO Cartomizer but you need to do it twice to fill it up and may also need to shake the Cartomizer between fills to force the liquid to the bottom of the Cartomizer. 

Caution:  If you use an automatic battery you need to be especially careful not to get liquid inside the battery.  When Cartomizers are filled this way liquid can be left in the tube and can leak causing damage to your battery.  Always blow through the Cartomizer to clear out any excess liquid and clean the contacts thoroughly. 

Click here for a more detailed video of this procedure. 


2.      The “Pop the Cap method”


The “Pop the Cap” method is the preferred method for filling Cartomizers however is a little more difficult. 


This method involves removing the white cap from the end of the Cartomizer and dripping liquid directly on the filler material.  The advantage of this method is that it allows you to inspect the filler material and it is less likely that liquid will get in the tube possibly causing damage to an automatic battery.  You will occasionally break a cap so always keep the caps when you do throw away the used Cartomizers.  Before you start always place the rubber cap (the one with the plug) on the battery connector end to keep liquid from leaking out while filling. 


Insert a small metal object (like a small screwdriver or needle nose pliers) into the hole in the white cap and pry gently in a circle until the cap pops off.  Once open inspect the filler material.  If you see any signs of burning or the filler material is dirty then discard the Cartomizer and open a new one.  To fill hold the Cartomizer at a 45 degree angle and drip liquid down the inside edge into the filler material.  Only drip in one spot and when the filler material looks wet all the way around (about 20 drops on the KR808D-1 Cart and 45 drops on the VGO cart) then you are done.  If the liquid you are using is a little thick you may also want to shake it to force the liquid to the bottom of the Cartomizer after every few drops to make sure you get a good fill.  If you over fill it no worries simply hold the back of it against a paper towel and blow through it to clear any excess. 

Caution:  If you are filling a blank (empty) Cartomizer for the first time you should let it sit for a little while so the liquid can fully wick into the atomizer at the bottom of the cartridge before first use. 

Click here for a more detailed video of this procedure.